Scan to Spreadsheet Pro

Where to Begin?

The basic app Scan to Spreadsheet is a great starting point. Released in 2014 for iOS 4 the app quickly caught on and started helping people.

It is easy to assume barcodes=moving boxes. Although Scan to Spreadsheet users surprised us with the many different ways they can use the app. Our favorite is tracking running times of students.

More features!

We responded to every tech support request and added suggested enhancements as we made each new release for Android and iOS. Each time making the app that much better.

This fit our philosophy of solving problems. We didn't make a product looking for a problem, we changed Scna to Spreadsheet to meet the needs of users and solve their problems.

Features like; look up on scan, templates, sharing to Google Drive. These all came from customer enhancement requests.

Now, Scan to Spreadsheet PRO

Following this same line thinking we wanted to continue to meet customer enhancement requests. Sharing spreadsheets between devices, automatic uploads without emailing, sending the same templates to everyone.

This is why we created Scan to Spreadsheet PRO. To yet again solve our customers problems and make the app even easier to use.